About me

My journey started in 1986 when I was just 8 years old because my father was going to the gym and couldn’t leave me anywhere else. So I grew up surrounded by weights, competitors, and bodybuilding magazines which fascinated me from day one.

Bodybuilders were always way ahead of nutritionists when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle, so being exposed to that information at that age, made me incorporate it in a natural way, like when a child grows up speaking two languages. Being in this environment, eventually led me to compete at a really young age and start guiding other people in training and nutrition as well.

In 1996, I was already a personal trainer in my hometown in Argentina, and my fat loss program, which was the typical pre-contest diet of bodybuilders, was so effective for the time, that at just 18 years old. Dr. Gustavo Olmedo (who later became my best friend and mentor), gave me the opportunity to work in his cosmetic surgery clinic (Mare nostrum) to apply this diet to his patients post-liposuction, to improve the intervention results.

Although my program had purely aesthetic purposes, over time Dr. Olmedo observed that a few patients suffering from different conditions reported some improvements, which motivated him to help me focus on nutrition as a therapeutic intervention. Dr. Olmedo was a weight lifter as well, so he kind of adopted me and spent a lot of his valuable time teaching me how to go into the studies… since then, my passion for searching the roots of dysfunctions led me to dedicate my life to research.

In my early twenties, I left Argentina, and after having worked in a few European countries, writing in blogs and guiding people all around the world through emails, I’ve finally put everything together in a manuscript that years later became my first book “The Balance of Health”.

After living a few years in Canarias, Dr. Alina Spinean (who has a diabetes center in Brasov, Romania) started messaging me because she was curious about how I help my client with type 1 diabetes and before I knew it, I found myself in Brasov, where I continue to practice each of my three passions, researching and writing about science (from a humble place) and collaborating in nutrition and training with Atasagon (detox clinic), which is managed by Dr. Spinean’s husband Muhammet Gurkan.

The Balance of Health

The author gives us the opportunity to delve deeply into science in a fairly simplified way, in order to find the optimal strategies to maintain a balance between the Growing Mode and the Recycling Mode, two completely opposite states that complement each other creating a perfect harmony in our biology. In this way, we can regain a power that was taken from us by a mixture of economic interests and our own tendency to addiction. Understanding these basic principles backed by 2 million years of evolution, 2,500 years of history and more than a century of documented experimentation will lead us to realize that almost all diseases are self-inflicted and that what is natural, is to feel and look good. In short, Paolo Igotuam invites us to regain control of our lives.

Shape Yourself

What is Your Goal?

Body Building

Achieve your ideal physique and sculpt your muscles through targeted workouts and personalized training plans.

Muscle Gain

Enhance your strength and muscle definition with specialized exercises and nutrition strategies tailored to your goals.


Developing strong calf muscles enhances lower leg stability and supports movements like walking, running, and jumping.


The gluteal muscles are vital for hip extension, contributing to powerful movements such as climbing stairs, squatting, and maintaining an upright posture.


Well-trained hamstrings at the back of your thighs are essential for balanced leg strength, knee stability, and preventing injuries during activities like running and bending.


A strong core provides stability to your spine, supports proper posture, and helps with various daily activities and athletic movements.


Strengthening your back muscles assists in maintaining good posture, supporting the spine, and facilitating movements like pulling and lifting.


Strengthened deltoid muscles allow for a wide range of arm movements, including lifting, reaching, and throwing.


The neck muscles support head movement and play a role in various daily activities like looking around and tilting your head.

Arms (Biceps and Triceps)

Strengthen your arms with targeted biceps and triceps exercises to improve daily functionality, enhance upper body balance, and achieve a well-defined physique.

Health Status

Improve your overall well-being with a holistic approach that combines fitness routines and balanced nutrition to support your health journey.

Weight Lose

Embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier weight through effective workouts and personalized dietary guidance for sustainable results.
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"Blaming the outside is the best way
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